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Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

Programme Overview

A Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) is a professional responsible to advise undertakings involved in consignment, carriage, or the related packing, loading, filling or unloading of dangerous goods, to monitor compliance with legal requirements and to ensure the preparation of an annual report that to be submitted to local authorities.

The DGSA is probably the highest safety authority within a business enterprise who is entrusted to devise and implement safety and security measures involving chemical and dangerous goods. Appointment of a DGSA is a requirement under the ADR regulations 1.8.3 and the selected individuals must complete a mandatory DGSA training and certifications.

Programme Features

Practicing Health and Safety Officers with Dangerous Goods and Chemical Industries Background

Traininig Duration: 5 days

  • Duties & Roles of DGSA
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • Types of Containment
  • Marking, Labeling & Placarding
  • Standards, Markings and Labelling of Transport Units
  • Audits, Security Provisions & Vehicle Construction
  • Safety Equipment & Transport Equipment
  • ADR & Competent Authority, Limited and Expected Quantity
  • Vehicle Crew & Training
  • Loading / Stowage / Unloading
  • General Provisions & Participant Safety
  • Provisions for Record Keeping
  • Case studies
  • Presentations 
  • Examination

Face to face / Classroom

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

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